Organizing Services

If your home or office looks like this:

...don't call me. But if it looks like this: need to call me right away.

Organizing Services

I can help you with organizing. It's my specialty. Contact me to get started towards having a more organized area right away.

Organizing is an on-site project. I bill by the hour with a 4-hour minimum. Mileage is to be reimbursed for locations more than 10 miles away.

Cluttered or disorganized areas can hurt your productivity. A well-organized, well thought layout helps you get things done without even thinking about it. Most offices, homes, garages, and closets just "evolve". You start with one object and add other objects over time. Before you know it, everything seems disorganized. Well, it is. Most people either don't have the imagination to re-do their own spaces, or they are overwhelmed with the mess they've gotten into. It's the age old problem of "can't see the forest for the trees." Since I am a newcomer to your space I can often see the bigger picture and guide you in a new organizing project more efficiently than you could do yourself.

Let me help you fix your space. Call me today!

Price: I bill at my Standard Hourly Rate.

Mileage reimbursements: Over 10 miles, I charge at the standard IRS mileage rate. For 2017, that is 53.5 cents per mile.

Payment is at end of the project (or end of day, whichever comes first) and can be made with check, credit/debit via PayPal, or cash. A receipt will be given on the spot for any cash payments. A formal invoice marked "Paid" can be emailed within 24 hours of return to office.

I can help with the following:

  • Basements / Garages / Attics
  • Bedrooms / Kids Rooms
  • Closets / Cabinets / Pantries
  • Clutter Donation
  • Clutter Elimination Consignments
  • Clutter Management Training
  • Clutter Removal
  • Clutter Resale
  • Data Backup / Archiving
  • Desktop Computer Setup
  • Desktop Decluttering
  • Digital Filing & Filing Systems
  • Downsizing / Merging Households
  • DVD / CD Archiving
  • DVD / CD Organizing
  • Electronic Device Setup
  • Electronics Disposal
  • Electronics Recycling
  • Email Clutter Management
  • Emergency Food Storage
  • Emergency Planning
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Employee Organization Training
  • Estate / Garage Sales / Recycling
  • Event Planning / Setup
  • File Management
  • Hard Drive Organization
  • Holiday Decorating / Shipping Services
  • Home Offices / Filing
  • Inventory Organizing
  • Kitchens / Bathrooms / Vanities
  • Living Rooms
  • Office Organizing Systems
  • On-Site Organizing Workshops
  • Packing / Unpacking
  • Paper Elimination / Shredding
  • Personal Shopping / Errands
  • Photo Albums / Scrapbooks
  • Photo Scanning / Archiving
  • Product Placement
  • Storage Units / Shelving